Events in the  Moncton - Dieppe - Shediac - Cap Pele area:

Please forward us your information, we do not have volunteers yet to call churches for the information.

Special Recognition:

None at this time


Please note all events will be listed for a specific time frame and deleted afterward.  Please re submit event information every year. 

Alpha Program:

List of Churches offering the Alpha Program for 2011

Bible Study:

List of Churches offering a Special Bible Study Program for general public invitation for 2011

Blessing of Fisherman's boat:

Cap Pele - August 

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CEF Home Outreach:

List of people from various churches  offering the CEF Home

Outreach for summer of 2011.

Child Evangelism Outreach has a great program for Home Lawn Outreach.  Mostly run from a home rather than a church building. Great for an outreach for neighborhood kids, like a mini Vacation Bible Time .

Divorce Care:

List of Churches offering the Divorce Care Program in 2011

Divorce Care Program is being run by thousands of churches throughout the world.  DCP has had a huge positive impact on the lives of many who have gone through the program.  The Divorce Care Program has helped thousands of individuals to understand their emotions and better cope with the stress involved in going through a divorce. 

More and more are having to experience going through divorce.  If you or someone is going through a divorce why not contact  a church that is offering  the program.  You'll probably be glad you did.  It is a great support group with people who understand what your going through.  Take a positive step for yourself.

Vacation Bible Time:

List of Churches offering a Vacation Bible Time Program for summer of 2011

Vacation Bible Time has been a program used by the majority of Brethren and Baptist churches and many other affiliation to reach kids for Christ. . 

Vacation Bible Time has been a key ingredient in getting kids saved and committed to Christ.  If you have not been using this method of outreach we stongly recommend visiting churches who do have a program. 

Best date for an effective Vacation Bible time is the middle of August

Send us you Date and Time for your Vacation Bible Time.

General Information about Listings:

The word Church will be used on the web and it will mean the building where it's members and guest meet. 

Our goal is to have a picture of every major church in the area on this website. 

The list should provide an easy way for anyone to locate a church in the local area. If you have a Website a link from this site it will make it easier for anyone to find your church information even for those who may not know your website name. 

We are in need of pictures of every Church in the area.  If you have a good picture you would let us use, please send it to us with the name of the Church. 

Presently looking for Baptist Church photos.  Anglican and Catholic Church photos. 

The list is not complete yet but if your group is listed such as Baptist and you are not on our list we would appreciate it if you contacted us by going to the Main Page by clicking the icon ChurchNB at the top of this page.  This will take you to the Main website and display contact  information.

Please provide the Name of the Church, City location and the affiliation and contact name and telephone number.

We appreciate your help and thank you.

Help we are in need of volunteers who could telephone a few churches to obtain the hours of their services.  We need the time for the regular season and the summer hours of their services. 

Pastor's name would also be nice to insert on the website with contact #. 

For those who know how to build a website and would like to create a website for smaller churches it would likely be appreciated by smaller churches.

Looking for a ministry - this could be for you.  Telephone calls to obtain photos and information from local churches.  Get to meet new people and provide a service to the public as well as to the churches. 

Build a website for smaller church that do not have an IT attending their church.  Why not contribute some of your time for another church?

Have a Great and Blessed Day!